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Corrections Media Program

Corrections Media Services supplies personal electronics and digital media to inmates and correctional facilities. CMS works with electronics manufacturers and kiosk suppliers and coordinates the installation and sales of digital media programs for departments of corrections.  Complete with players, kiosks, and customer support, CMS drives the development of secure media distribution for correctional facilities.

The CMS digital media player allows inmates to conveniently download and access digital music and audio-book files while incarcerated.  Inmates can now possess vastly more media because it is stored digitally on one device, and not in the form of bulky and unsecure CDs or cassettes.  The portable player can be used anywhere in the facility and provides inmates with their audio library on the move or in their cells.  The CMS digital media player is the most secure option for correctional facilities looking to improve their media distribution and inmate morale.

Customer Service

Corrections Media Services gives inmates access to major music labels, movie studios, audio-book libraries, inmate education programs, rehabilitation services, and religious materials.  CMS delivers this media to inmates instantly, and is the only media solution for corrections providing user friendly, media shopping with authentic album art, music samples, and media recommendations.  CMS also provides new releases to inmates in real time!  The Corrections Media Program is the solution for inmates, and CMS is the only company specializing exclusively in inmate media programs.